XXII Ogólnopolska Konferencja Inżynierii Chemicznej i Procesowej
(Spała, 5-9 września 2016)

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion

Innovation practice – making use of basic knowledge

1640-1725 Panel 1
Gabriele Sadowski, Christof Gruener, Piotr Garstecki
1725-1810 Panel 2
Leon Gradoń, Jan Mackowiak, Jerzy Majchrzak, Arne S. Jensen

During the panel discussion international experts from academia, industry and politics will address the most important issues, concerning the practical aspects of innovation.

•       Why researchers are rather reluctant to prove if their discoveries can survive a hard industrial test?
•       Why industry does not want to risk into the groundbreaking discoveries?
•       Can we learn from success stories?
•       What are failure stories and why do not learn them?
•       Do we need a “translator” between academia and industry?
•       Can politics and stakeholders help in stimulation of innovation?
•       Is an efficient innovation a matter of incident or it can be planned?
•       Does something like “innovation culture” is necessary or maybe it exists in academia and industry?
•       What are drivers and barriers for innovation?

We look forward for discussion between conference participants and panelists.
Questions can be posed in Polish and English.
Prof. Andrzej Górak, Moderator


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